Ryan Muldoon


Ryan Muldoon is a versatile drummer who has honed his craft through years of experience playing in various musical genres with many different professional function bands. His remarkable journey in the world of music has led him to be head hunted as a permanent member of The Bjorn Identity ABBA tribute band, where his drumming skills have added a high energy dynamic dimension to the band’s performances, where the drummer doesn’t simply keep time.

With a passion for percussion that ignited at a young age, Ryan’s musical odyssey began in his teenage years when he took to the sticks and self-taught his way to the beat. His natural talent and dedication soon became apparent, and he quickly progressed from a novice to a seasoned in demand drummer. Ryan’s relentless commitment to his craft saw him exploring diverse musical styles, from rock and pop to jazz.

Ryan’s most notable achievement with his role in The Bjorn Identity – this ensemble, dedicated to paying homage to the iconic Swedish pop group, is delivering pops most well-known drum licks and kicks, relying heavily on tight rhythm and precise percussion skills.

“If anyone around the globe is fortunate with the opportunity to become a member of a kick-ass ABBA Tribute band. Do it. You will have – the time of your life!”

In conclusion, Ryan Muldoon’s journey as a drummer has been defined by his unwavering passion, versatility, and dedication to his craft. Ryan continues to inspire and entertain not just his fellow band members, but through his drums seat he is pivotal in assisting them in leaving their indelible mark on the tribute scene.

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