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Mamma Mia!  Cracking venues & Audiences across Germany & Austria.

The Bjorn Identity Goes International!

The Bjorn Identity has gone international! We’ve been performing in various venues across Germany and Austria, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve been received with open arms. Our debut show in Germany over New Year 2021/22 at Neubrandenburg Koncertkirtche, followed by an Arena performance at Stadhalle in Rostock, Theatre am Aegi in Hanover, and a 4th show at Park Theatre Bensheim finished at the end of January in Dusseldorf.

We were overwhelmed by the warm and friendly audiences who clearly share our love for ABBA music. After the pandemic threatened to ruin live entertainment and productions for many years to come, we were thrilled to be able to share our story and announce that The Bjorn Identity has finally gone international!

In early 2021, Irish and German promoters approached us, seeking an all-live band with an outstanding visual and audio likeness, stage presence, and a passion for recreating a performance as close to the real ABBA as possible. They wanted us to build the brand “The Bjorn Identity” to the status of the No.1 ABBA show in Germany and eventually in wider Europe. We couldn’t refuse this opportunity, as we had been working hard for 10 years, selling out shows and building a solid foundation and fan base in Ireland. We were noticed, discovered, and believed in enough by promoters willing to invest in taking us out to Europe to sell our show, which is now at the top of its game and is considered the best option for die-hard fans of ABBA in Germany.

Our work in Germany began with a New Year tour consisting of 5 dates, which was such a success that it led to immediate interest from promoter partners in Austria. We soon returned to Austria in April 2022 for 3 dates, including the wonderful Arena Nova Weiner Weisner, to rave reviews, followed by a 4-date return tour to Germany in March 2022.

Bernd Scheiber

“A concert night to remember!!! Being an ABBA Fan for 40 years, I have seen many ABBA tribute bands in the past….some were good, some were not so good, but THE BJORN IDENTITY-A TRIBUTE TO ABBA is BRILLIANT!!! It was clear with the opening track of “Tiger”, that this concert would be something special!
When the band performed “Tiger”, I was captured from the very first moment and I have had the feeling, the real ABBA from 1977 are standing in front of me.
Exactly the same light on stage, the costumes, the performance… EVERYTHING! The show was full of highlights and surprises… especially the perfect stage re-creation of “Why Did It Have To Be Me”… I really felt like in one of the concerts with ABBA from 1977!
The energy of FRIDA was transformed VERY BEST!!!
How wonderful and emotional it was, when the second part of the concert started with some melodic parts of the new ABBA song “I Still Have Faith In You” with a little spoken story about the latest album “ABBA Voyage”, followed by a great live performance of “Don’t Shut Me Down” ….in the glamerous Japan outfits, which ABBA wore in 1978.
Highlights after highlights in this concert and not to forget the bombastic, full live sound on stage! THANK YOU DEAR BJORN IDENTITY and I am excited to see you in Austria next year again in a few more concerts.
Lots of love from BERND”

We never imagined playing arena-style venues when we were just a humble 4-piece band from Belfast, performing at local clubs. But our journey eventually led us to tour Europe with a 7-piece live band, giving us more confidence and belief in what we can achieve together as a performing team. With each performance, we grow and progress as a band, building our production to be bigger and better each time, and learning from our fans what they want from us. Now, we aim to perfect our delivery in a way that can translate internationally. We’re still pinching ourselves as we can’t believe we have this opportunity. It was a long time coming, but we were so ready for it!

The German Production Team & Tour Managers

We can’t praise them enough! They are some of the hardest working and most pleasant people in the show business. From the moment we met our tour managers Jutta and Jochan at the airport and got on the tour bus, we felt like superstars. Although we don’t require our egos to be nurtured, it was refreshing to be treated so well. We love our jobs and the thrill of performing for an audience makes the hard work of touring feel like second nature. It’s truly the best job in the world. After years of delivering every aspect from load-in to performance and everything in between, it was a relief for Karen and Richard, the management and founding members of The Bjorn Identity for the past 13 years, to arrive at venues where the production was already set up. They could finally focus on what they do best – delivering a great performance. 

Sascha Wiess is our chief technical coordinator and sound engineer, and his production crew are wonderful people with a vision and passion for delivering the highest quality production. They understood what we wanted to achieve with our show, and we all became great friends. Sascha was so impressed that he even flew out to Belfast and took three days out of his five days off that year to watch us perform our debut at The Ulster Hall in 2022. He even helped with the setup and teardown, and we took him to the famous Crown Bar for a pint of Guinness. He’s a typical fussy German, but he loved our great city and the pint!

Pascal Jagemann

“I was there in Rostock and I really have to say they are definitely the best.

They are definitely very, very close to the original. Everything was perfect, they had fantastic voices and the costumes and movements were all true to the original. You really are the best”

Angela H. Kneusels

“Incredible evening. Soooo great. This has been an outstanding evening in Bensheim with great singers, musicians and actors, as you are all this. We had amazing fun. The whole audience sang and danced. Awesome. Feels like ABBA, sounds almost like ABBA. Thank you for giving back the feeling of my teenage days. I loved it so much. I’m looking forward to your next concert”

It’s been an amazing year for The Bjorn Identity as they have performed 11 fantastic shows in Germany and Austria. This tribute show based in Northern Ireland has achieved a huge sense of accomplishment as opportunities to perform outside of the country have been scarce. With a winter tour planned for the south of Germany and a 7-date arena tour in Austria booked for March 2024, the show’s momentum continues to grow as they reach wider audiences across Europe.

The band has had an incredibly successful year as they celebrate their 11th year touring theatres. They have achieved personal career goals, including meeting Benny Andersson himself on his island in Stockholm, which has been hard to beat. However, there is still more to come as they dream of performing in Sweden and Australia.

The band is humbled by the success of the past year and expresses gratitude to their agents and promoters in Europe for believing in them to deliver a high-end tribute to ABBA in amazing venues. The venues, the crowds, and their warm reception as a new show have blown them away. They will continue to embrace every opportunity that comes their way and enjoy every moment. 3For1 Trinity Concerts GmbH & Act One Presents.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the hardworking team behind the scenes who have put together an amazing concert production that is specifically tailored to each venue. We are grateful to Sascha Weiss and his incredible team at WS-Audio, who spare no effort in ensuring that our show is in expert hands and sounds fantastic!

We would also like to extend our thanks to our band members, tour manager Jutta, and driver Stanislav, who have demonstrated great patience and organizational skills in making sure we are well-fed, hydrated, and always on time. We appreciate the dedication and hard work of our deputy performers, Rik Gay and Frankie McIlvanna, who joined our backline for the last tour. It was a pleasure to share the stage with you both.

We would also like to thank our fellow cast members, Sophie Grier and Ryan Greer, for delivering spectacular performances as Frida and Benny respectively. We admire your talents and commitment to delivering top-notch performances every night, and we are proud to call you our colleagues and friends.

Finally, we are excited to announce that The Bjorn Identity will be returning to Germany and Austria later this year and into 2024. For tickets and venue information, please click here

The Bjorn Identity is exclusively managed by Musicon Entertainment and Productions and is available for booking worldwide. Please feel free to contact us for Enquiries.

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